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Lawn Care / Mosquito Control Kennesaw, Ga - (678)497-5093 - Sharplawns Turf Care, LLC

Is your lawn full of weeds? Bare spots? Sharplawns can help! Our Lawn Care Fertilization & Weed Control Program is our main service.  With our basic lawn care program we offer 7 treatments per year. Our lawn care applications are carefully timed with the weather conditions and are spaced out about 4 to 6 weeks apart. We use a combination of Granular / Liquid fertilizers and weed controls to get the best results possible. Our 7 visits will cover your pre-emergent, weed control, grassy weed control and fertilization throughout the year.

We are also fully licensed in Category 41 for mosquito control in the State of Georgia! Don't let the mosquitoes keep you indoors this summer! We offer a monthly on going service for mosquito control in Kennesaw, Ga from April through October. Need a one time spraying for an upcomming event? No problem! Give us a call or request a free estimate online!

Not so happy with the corporate competition? What you can expect from Sharplawns is a more personalized level of service from the owner himself, who will take the time on your lawn to make sure it gets the attention it needs to look the best that it can possibly look. With over 15 years experience in lawn care in the MeWe take pride in the yards we maintain, take a look above of some images of our work from the previous season!

Lawn Care Kennesaw, GA

Lawn Care Treatment Kennesaw GA

Our lawn care program is our core service! We use a combination of granular and liquid treatments that are carefully timed throughout the year to achieve the best possible results. We use some of the best products available and will back up what we do with free service calls in between visits when and if needed.

Looking for Quality Lawn Care in Kennesaw, GA? Give us a call today!

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Mosquito Control Kennesaw, Ga

Mosquito Control Kennesaw, Ga

Not only can mosquitoes be a real nuisance in Kennesaw ga, they are known vectors for many different diseases such as West Nile, many different forms of encephalitis as well as dog heart worm.

Don't let the mosquitoes keep you from enjoying your yard this summer! Give us a call and see how we can help you reclaim your yard from mosquitoes this season!

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Sharplawns turf Care - Owner lawn care kennesaw ga

Give me a call or request an estimate online today to fnd out how I can help Improve your lawn this year!

-Brad Cranshaw (Owner)

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Core Aeration - Lawn Care Kennesaw, Ga

Aeration Kennesaw GA

Aeration is a great way to break up excess thatch to help water and nutrients to be able to better reach the root system of your warm season lawn. In many cases what this can lead to is a thicker, greener lawn for the summer!

Early Summer is an excellent time to Core Aerate you warm season turf in Kennesaw, GA.

Tree & Shrub Care Kennesaw, Ga

Tree & Shrub Care Kennesaw, Ga

In addition to our lawn care and maintenance services we offer trimming and shaping of ornamental trees and shrubs10ft and under. This is an extra service provided on an as needed basis. This service includes clean-up and removal of the trimmings from your property.

Sharplawns Turf Care


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